Dirty, dehydrated puppies found abandoned outside Ohio home – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

CLERMONT COUNTY – Eight Great Pyrenees puppies were found abandoned in Clermont County since Saturday.

A sheriff’s deputy was called to the area of ​​Crane Schoolhouse Road after a 911 caller said they and other drivers nearly hit six puppies as they were weaving in and out of the road Saturday, our news partners at WCPO reported.

Dog Watch Chief Tim Pappas said it appears the four females and two male puppies were abandoned in an abandoned house on the highway.

“There was a bunch of food at the end of the driveway along with a bucket of water. There was no note or anything and the house seemed to be abandoned,” Pappas said.

The officer, with the help of passersby, rounded up the six puppies and took them to a shelter. They were described as dirty, dehydrated and exhausted.

“They didn’t last two minutes standing in the kennel before they collapsed,” Pappas said.

The puppies were covered in fleas and ticks, had a swollen belly and had to be treated for worms, WCPO reported.

The puppies, who have not been named because they are evidence in an active animal neglect case, were brought to All Dogs Come From Heaven rescue. Two of the puppies have been isolated there to combat more severe cases of dehydration.

“We don’t know how long they were out there,” said Margaret Copelan, who is leading the rescue with her husband. “They may have been there a day or two, or they may have been there a week. Who knows? “I think it has been a traumatic short period of time in their short lives.”

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The rescue shared on social media Monday that two more Great Pyrenees puppies, which appear to be from the same litter, were found “very close to where the 6 were found.”

WCPO reported that the puppies ended up at the shelter because the county animal shelter did not have space to house them. The facility is designed to house 65 dogs. Currently, there are 80 dogs in pop-up kennels and crates. At least 50 others are in foster care.

If they feel well enough, the puppies could be cleared for a community meeting on May 25. They should be ready for adoption in early June, WCPO reported.

Until then, the puppies will remain evidence of the ongoing investigation.

“At the end of the day, dumping animals is illegal and you will be prosecuted for it,” Pappas said. “I’m actively trying to find who it was that abandoned these animals.”

Anyone with information is asked to email Pappas at [email protected] or call 513-732-8854.