Boyle Heights Holds Protest for Palestine on 76th Anniversary of Nakba – Defend Yourself! News

Chicanos demonstrate in East Los Angeles in solidarity with Palestine.  |  Defend yourself!  News/staff

Los Angeles, CA – On May 17, Chicanos from the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, held a demonstration for the 76th anniversary of the Nakba. Chants like “From the river to the sea, Palestine will win!” It rang at the intersection of César E. Chávez and Soto. The rally was organized by members of the CSO Center, a Chicano-led grassroots organization fighting for oppressed people in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles.

The Nakba, which means “catastrophe” in Arabic, is an anniversary when, between 1947 and 1949, Israel launched ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people. More than 750,000 Palestinians were violently forced to abandon their homes and lands. To this day, Palestine continues to face genocide from Israel, which is backed by US financial and military assistance.

25 members of the Boyle Heights community marched around the intersection of César E Chávez Avenue and Soto Street for Nakba 76. They shouted in both English and Spanish in support of the Palestinian resistance. Cars passing through the intersection honked in support of the event.

As the demonstration continued, Gabriel Quiroz, a member of Centro CSO and a Chicano from Boyle Heights, and Luis Sifuentes, also a member of Centro CSO and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO), led the demonstration. The bilingual chants included: “Free Palestine, free” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

“We Chicanos know what it feels like to be under national oppression. With a foot on the neck, the same tactic used against the Palestinians is used in our streets! Jesse Romero was murdered by the Los Angeles police! exclaimed Gabriel Quiroz.

Both Gabriel Quiroz and Luis Sifuentes reminded rally attendees about the police terror the Boyle Heights community faces due to police oppression and their fight against it.

If you are interested in joining Centro CSO to fight police oppression and have a safer community in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles, please contact them at 323-484-8630 (email protected) and on their various networking platforms social in OSC Center.

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