Police Raid Pro-Palestinian Camp at University of Michigan Diag

Ann Arbor police have closed in on pro-Palestinian protesters at the University of Michigan Diag.

Officers in riot gear approached the group Tuesday morning. More police officers arrived at the scene and removed people from the Diag camp.

Police have been using pepper spray to push back protesters, according to video recorded at the scene, and protesters have been seen washing their eyes with pepper spray.


Protesters from the TAHIR Coalition have been camped at UM Diag since last month calling for the university to divest from Israel’s investments.

Last week, students say school officials asked them to leave, but they remained at the camp. The camp has remained in Diag for approximately three weeks, aiming to draw attention to the war in Gaza.

Also last week, relations between UM regents and protesters reached a boiling point when protesters attacked the homes of members of the Board of Regents.

See our report below on housing targeting.

Escalation of demonstrations at the University of Michigan