Cornwall residents locked in rubbish bin after council rejects bags with the wrong color handle

One resident, Julie Elworthy, 61, described the saga as “an absolute nightmare” and a “waste of taxpayers’ money”.

She said: “It took 12 phone calls, nine emails, a chat to the county councillor, calls to Biffa and direct complaints.

“There has been no accountability: the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

“But last Wednesday was the last straw. I had to take our garbage to the Saltash landfill, 34 miles away. It took us a long time, but we couldn’t leave all the garbage piled up at the end of the road.”

Other people took to social media to criticize the plan, with one even calling for their council tax to be refunded.

One online user said: “We have no garbage collection service, no bus service, no children, no need for social assistance.

“We rarely see a police officer. We also have no faith in Cornwall Council or our MP.

“Can we get a refund of our council tax please?”

A council spokesperson said: “Our new recycling and waste collection service aims to encourage everyone to reduce their waste and increase their recycling.

“To help with this, we are supplying all residential properties with a new, standardized 180 liter bin or sack, which we will collect kerbside every fortnight.

“All rubbish must fit into the new bin or sack which our teams can monitor to ensure residents do not exceed the amount of rubbish they can throw away.

“It also ensures that each household has a container or bag that is the correct size and in good working order.”