Fallen Vietnamese Doctor Honored with Inscription on Tombstone in Arlington – NBC Washington DC (44)

A war hero’s bravery is finally recognized on his tombstone at Arlington National Cemetery, nearly 60 years after his bravery saved four lives in Vietnam.

Specialist Calvin Bouknight joined the US Army as a combat medic after graduating from McKinley Tech High School.

“When things go wrong, the only thing they call is the doctors,” the brigadier general said. General Yolanda Summons said.

Bouknight answered that call in November 1965 when his unit was attacked. He died protecting four soldiers with his body.

“His death allowed others to live,” said Arlington National Cemetery Superintendent Charles Alexander.

After decades of not seeing the inscription, the DC man’s bravery has finally been recognized. News4’s Molette Green reports.

Platoon Leader 2North Dakota Lt. Dennis Deal saw it happen.

“It was a tremendous act of extraordinary courage, heroism. It was amazing,” he said. “And I thought that at the time. “I have never forgotten that photo.”

Bouknight was awarded a Silver Star for his heroism shortly after his death, but it remained off his tombstone for decades.

The History Alive group made sure Bouknight received the honor he deserved. On Monday, Arlington National Cemetery held a special ceremony to unveil the updated headstone.

“If I look at the interval between Calvin’s birth and death, I would say that interval told a remarkable story,” Summons said.