Fresh Farms acquires farmland in California

Fresh Farms BB #:194140, proudly announces a major milestone in its journey of growth and expansion. With the recent acquisition of a new farm in California, Fresh Farms reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation in the agricultural industry.

For more than 40 years, the Molina family has been dedicated to growing table grapes and a wide variety of fresh vegetables. With the founding of “Las Mercedes,” its flagship estate in Mexico, Grupo Molina embarked on a path of continued growth and achievement.

“Decades of exploration and hard work allow us to supply grapes starting in mid-March from our farms in Jalisco, followed by production from our Sonora farms in May and June and then from California starting in July and supplying customers until November,” Juan said. Pablo Molina, general director of Fresh Farms.

In 2006, their vision for a direct market connection led to the establishment of Fresh Farms, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey that further solidified their presence and laid the foundation for planned international expansion.

In 2011, Fresh Farms took a significant leap with the acquisition of Visalia Produce Sales, a California-based company recognized for its expertise in table grapes, citrus and specialty fruits. This strategic move enhanced Fresh Farms’ market position and growth trajectory.

Today, Fresh Farms is recognized as a seal of excellence in the industry, with sales offices in Mexico, Arizona and California, backed by a top-notch sales team.

“We are delighted to announce the acquisition of our new farmland in California. This expansion underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainable agricultural practices, as we continue to provide high-quality products to consumers around the world.” said Juan Pablo.

And he added: “Growing grapes is no longer as easy as it was 15 years ago. The cost of labor increases continually, as do most production costs; However, we believe that a consumer product backed by excellent customer service will continue to lead us in the right direction; Remember that grapes have been grown since biblical times, so we do not believe that a bad run of difficult years will deter producers and consumers of this wonderful fruit.”

This expansion will allow Fresh Farms to grow its program in California as soon as the agreement with Sonora begins to end.
Celebrating the acquisition of new farmland in California, Fresh Farms proudly marks another milestone in its journey of continued strategic growth. The Molina family and the entire Fresh Farms team remain committed to their mission of delivering high-quality products while fostering community engagement and environmental sustainability for generations to come.