Phoenix Bulk Trash Pickup Program Offers Appointment Template

PHOENIX — A new bulk trash collection program will go into effect in Phoenix at the end of September, officials said.

That means the Phoenicians can ditch their old Public Works garbage collection schedules. They will not have to rely on pre-established dates to know when they can throw their garbage outside their residence.

Instead of waiting for the current quarterly scheduling system, residents will soon be able to schedule trash pickup appointments on dates that work for them.

A new online portal will allow residents to select available pickup dates based on their address.

Residents can begin scheduling appointments online on August 30. The first day of bulk trash pickup by appointment is September 30.

How will the new bulk trash collection program work in Phoenix?

A Phoenician who wants to make an appointment can enter their address in the new online portal.

After selecting a pickup date, they can begin taking out trash no more than seven days before their appointment.

Residents must also meet specific criteria when placing their large items on the edges of their properties. They may not exceed 10 cubic yards of garbage per collection. That’s approximately 17 feet X 4 feet X 4 feet.

General guidelines on bulk trash collection will remain the same, the city said. For example, the list of acceptable and prohibited items will remain the same. Location guidelines will also not change.

Customers still only receive four bulk trash pickups a year. The main change is that these collections are now available to residents.

“The new program will eliminate mass alley trash collection,” the city’s announcement said.

Why did the city replace its quarterly garbage collection system?

Robert Lopez, Public Works superintendent of solid waste, said customer feedback drove the city’s decision to upgrade the quarterly program to an appointment-based system.

“One of our customers’ biggest concerns was having to wait for quarterly collection,” López said. News KTAR 92.3 FM. “The quarterly collection is done every three months, right? So you have to wait 13 weeks before bulk trash is available to you again, and it doesn’t always line up when you need to collect something.”

Customers also said they didn’t like having bulk trash on the street during the holiday weeks.

Some people hosting visiting relatives told the city that trash limited parking options. Others were concerned about the safety of trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Thanks to the new appointment-based system, the city can decide bid pickup dates that avoid holidays, López added.

The new bulk trash collection program also benefits hard-working people who pick up trash throughout Phoenix, he said.

“Right now we know exactly how many pickups we can do in a day and we can schedule the number of pickups based on the resources we have available,” Lopez said.

KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Colton Krolak contributed to this report.

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