Pilot walks away from plane crash in Dallas Co.


From the West Alabama newsroom:

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the cause of the plane crash that occurred over the weekend in Selma.

Wal Planecrash0521 VoThe plane made an emergency landing Saturday night in a field just east of the Selma city limits.

The pilot was trying to get to Craig Field Airport after his plane began having engine problems.

Airport officials were notified of the situation and began making preparations for a forced landing.

“We were at the scene, waiting, when it landed about two miles north of the runway,” said airport deputy director Dan Lane. “I couldn’t get this far and I landed short on private land.”

Any time you can escape an accident is a blessing. But this guy ripped the tops off the trees 50 feet off the ground and I think he got really lucky.”

The pilot was taken to hospital with minor injuries, where he was treated and released.