Concern grows over fast cyclists on bike lanes

EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – As bike lanes expand across Massachusetts, there has been concern that cyclists are going too fast, putting pedestrians at risk.

Pedestrians not only have to watch out for cars, but also for speeding cyclists.

According to MassDOT Secretary Monica Tibbits-Nutt, there have been a significant number of accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians across the state. Cyclists using electric bikes are capable of going fast enough to seriously injure or even kill someone.

Andy Mcquade of Competitive Edge Ski & Bike in Easthampton says everyone needs to slow down, be more aware and keep their heads spinning when they’re on the road. “I don’t think people realize how quickly they can do it. You press a button and you go 30 miles an hour, but if you have a Styrofoam helmet it won’t do you much good,” says Mcquade. “Some people are just jumping on them and tearing up the road that goes along 35 and that could be a setup for disaster.”

So to prevent more accidents, MassDOT says they are considering putting traffic lights in bike lanes and barriers in crosswalks to force cyclists to slow down. The department has also been watching where these accidents occur most among cyclists, motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Kiara Smith is a reporter who has been part of the 22News team since March 2023. Follow Kiara on X @KiaraBSmith1 and see his bio to see more of his work.