Public schools don’t really need more money

Education budgets are substantial and schools have been spending COVID relief funds liberally, so why are they always asking for more money? It turns out they have more than enough money; The real problem is that they don’t spend it wisely.

Mandy Drogin of the Texas Public Policy Foundation told KTRH that schools receive about $92.4 billion from various state, local and federal sources. This equals $16,792 per student. Drogin maintains that schools don’t need more money.

Drogin emphasizes that the key to solving this problem is passing legislation that requires school districts to be more transparent about their funding sources, the purpose of the funds, and their expenditures. She says: “Once we have that, we will expose a lot of nefarious actors, who are stealing, using taxpayers’ money at the expense of our children.”

Additionally, Drogin advocates for policies like school choice, which would require schools to compete for tax money by attaching it to the student. This approach would incentivize schools to spend money more effectively and strive for higher educational quality.