Why was Revere High School in Richfield, Ohio evacuated?

RICHFIELD, Ohio (WJW) – The creation of a “potentially dangerous” chemical combination prompted the evacuation of Revere High School on Tuesday, officials said.

Bath Township police officers and firefighters responded to Everett Road High School shortly after 10:30 a.m. after receiving a report of a student who had inadvertently mixed four chemicals to create the “potentially dangerous” compound. Police Chief Vito Sinopoli told FOX 8 News.

Students and teachers were forced to leave the school “out of extreme caution,” Sinopoli said.

The Summit County Sheriff’s bomb squad arrived two hours later and identified a glass cup containing a half-ounce of what was believed to be silver nitride, which could be converted to silver fulminate, an explosive that can be used in fireworks. , according to the National Library of Medicine.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents told local officials how to properly dispose of the material, according to Sinopoli. A bomb squad officer took the glass to safety in a grassy area east of the high school, where a small explosive charge was used to detonate it.

Watch video of that detonation in the player above.

A spokesperson for the Revere Local School District issued a statement Tuesday afternoon:

Revere High School was evacuated following an incident at a science lab where several chemicals were improperly mixed, leading to the possibility of an explosion. The building was evacuated and security forces were on the scene. The fire department, out of extreme caution, called the bomb squad to remove the potentially dangerous material. The building was closed for the rest of the school day. The danger was eliminated and all activities this afternoon resumed as scheduled.

The district applauds the protocols that were implemented by teaching staff, administration and law enforcement.

Revere Local School District Spokesman Statement

Students are expected to return to school on Wednesday, May 22, Sinopoli said.