What happens when a school budget is not approved in New York?

Most New York school budgets passed on Election Day, but that means some didn’t.

Many school districts proposed layoffs or job eliminations due to attrition. That wasn’t the case for all of the proposals voted on Tuesday, but one thing that is consistent is the need for resources. This is what worried many voters before these votes.

So far, 10 school districts out of 700 statewide have failed in their budgets. And for some that may have come with the necessary supermajority.

Those districts are:

  • Rush-Henrietta CSD
  • Ithaca CSD
  • Corning Painted Pole Area School District
  • St. Regis Falls CSD
  • Belleville Henderson CSD
  • CSD Bern-Knox-Westerlo
  • Northville CSD
  • Salem CSD
  • Newburgh City Expanded School District
  • Sausage CSD

If the proposed tax exceeds the tax threshold, for example, 60% approval is required. Otherwise, what is needed for these votes is a simple majority.

So what’s next for these districts? District leaders can go back to the drawing board to create a revised budget that is put to their own vote or they can resubmit the original budget.

The day of the new vote is June 18.

If the vote does not pass or they do not want to do a second budget, the district will operate under a contingency budget. These include only teacher salaries and items that the board of education determines are “ordinary contingent expenses.”

Those are educational programs, which preserve property and ensure the health and safety of students and staff.

Districts are not eligible for a third vote.

An annual budget must be ready by July 1.