Noah and Charlotte are Michigan’s most popular baby names according to the Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration recently released the list of Michigan’s most popular baby names for 2023. For boys, Noah topped the charts, while for girls, the most common name was Charlotte.

Completing the boys’ top five were Oliver, Henry, Theodore and Liam, while the rest of the girls’ top five were Amelia, Olivia, Sophia and Emma.

Nationally, Olivia and Liam were the most popular in 2023, and both were also among the biggest names in the state.

Social Security maintains more than 140 years of data on its website,, for people to review or verify the popularity of their own name in a given year.

Starting in 1997, the SSA published a list of the biggest names of that year. This was also when historical data dating back to 1880 was published.

The SSA lists the top 1,000 names for each state and all US territories. They also track the fastest-residing names for both sexes over the years.

“Social Security is here to help parents continue to support their families: securing a Social Security number for your child, applying for benefits for you or your family members, and much more. We will never stop working for you,” said El Commissioner of Social Security, Martin O’Malley.