Local coffee company committed to supporting women-owned farms

Los Angeles-based Cafecita Coffee tells a story of slow, scientific roasting and a commitment to empowering women in the coffee industry.

The cafe sources exclusively from sustainable, women-owned farms and cooperatives in places like Chiapas, Mexico.

“Women account for 70 percent of the manual labor on coffee plantations, but they are much less represented as decision makers or owners,” said Natalie Webb, owner of Cafecita Coffee. “A lot of that is because women cannot own land and many times it is in the name of their husband or her father.”

Cafecita Coffee stands as a beacon of change in the industry. Webb added that when they launched, they were the only roaster in the country sourcing exclusively from women-owned farms. Today, they remain the only ones focused on women’s empowerment, with a percentage of every sale dedicated to supporting women’s nonprofits around the world.

“Getting to a point where you can deliver not only a cup of coffee but also a message with that cup of coffee, I think is great,” said Maxim Escamilla, a barista.

Cafecita coffee products and merchandise can be purchased online and in coffee shops throughout Los Angeles.