Houston storm victims: Man injured in deadly crane collapse files lawsuit

During the storm, two large cranes used collapsed and fell on Crosby Ware’s cement truck while he was sitting inside it, according to the lawsuit.

HOUSTON — The families of two Houston storm victims filed separate lawsuits after a crane collapsed on the truck the victims were in on Thursday, May 16.

Juan Hernandez, 72, died when the crane crushed the cab of the cement truck during the intense derecho storm that brought straight-line winds of 90 to 100 mph.

Crosby Ware, 66, suffered “traumatic and catastrophic” injuries to his head, neck and back, according to attorneys representing his family in the lawsuit.

It happened on Wingate near 75th Street in the Magnolia Park area.

The lawsuit filed by Kherkher García names Sesco Cement, Corp., ASI Industrial, Lampson International, LLC. and McCray Crane & Rigging, Inc. The three companies were involved in a construction project at the Sesco cement plant near the Houston Ship Channel. according to demand.

It says the defendants demanded Ware go to the plant to deliver cement needed for the ongoing construction project despite the severe weather conditions. He is accused of “gross negligence.”

“These companies demonstrated a blatant disregard for human life by making a conscious decision to value profits over safety during a severe storm that the entire region was warned about,” said Kevin Haynes of Kherkher Garcia, LLP.

They are asking a jury to determine how much, if any, to award Ware’s family for “pain and suffering, physical disability, disfigurement, mental anguish and medical expenses.”

The lawsuit also requests a temporary restraining order to ensure that no evidence related to the crane collapse is altered or destroyed.