CA has 3rd highest household income in US: study

CALIFORNIA – California has the third-highest median household income in the country, according to a recent ranking.

A study by QR Code Generator analyzed data from the US Census Bureau to find the estimated median household income for each state based on annual income as of 2022.


The Golden State ranked third with a median household income of $131,504 and a median income of $91,551, according to the study, which found that 18 percent of California’s approximately 13.6 million households earned $200,000 or more and 17 .6 percent earned between $100,000 and $149,999.

New Jersey had the highest household income nationally with a median of $134,191 and a median of $96,346, according to the ranking. Massachusetts came in second with a mean of $133,823 and a median of $94,488.

“New Jersey, Massachusetts and California are in the top three, which could be due to their notably high cost of living compared to other states,” QR Code Generator CEO Marc Porcar said in a press release on the findings. “Each of them is also known for having prestigious universities, such as Princeton, Harvard and Stanford.”

“It would be interesting to see if these rankings change in subsequent years and compare the results over the last five or ten years to see which states have had the greatest growth in median household income.”

Just behind California, the only West Coast state in the top five, was Connecticut in fourth place, with a median household income of $128,160 and median income of $88,429.

Mississippi was the lowest-ranking state and had a median household income of $72,624 and a median income of $52,719.