Clay County Voters Can Get Election Information by Text Message

Clay County voters now have better access to election-related information.

Clay’s election supervisor announced he launched a new texting service called Text My Gov that allows voters to access information or report any issues 24/7.

Supervisor of Elections Chris Chambless said the texting service allows people to ask all kinds of election-related questions so they can get the information they want. He said the technology will recognize keywords sent via text message and generate a response. The service will ask you for more information or give you an answer.

“All of these types of things that we put on our website will now be forwarded to you,” Chambless said.

Chambless said the new service aims to inform voters and educate people about the voting process.

To get started, you can text your election-related questions or report an issue by texting “HI” to 904-297-2122.

Issues you might report include missing a mail-in ballot, any equipment issues, or long lines during the election process.

Alternatively, the service can provide notifications about election-related updates, such as registration deadlines or when sample ballots are available.

You can opt-in to that part of the service by texting CLAYVOTES to 91896.

The new service costs the supervisor’s office $7,000 a year to operate.

Chambless said more tools designed to give voters more information and easier access to information are coming later this year. He said a redesigned website is included in that launch. It is expected to be announced before the Aug. 20 primary election.