Father says 10-year-old boy was swept into storm drain in Tennessee after strong storms and died

A 10-year-old Tennessee boy who was swept into a storm drain after bad weather two weeks ago has died.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A 10-year-old Tennessee boy who was swept into a storm drain after severe weather two weeks ago has died, according to social media posts by his father.

Asher Sullivan had been playing with other children in the water on the streets while adults cleaned up debris in Christiana, southeast of Nashville, after severe storms hit on May 8, James Sullivan said. Somehow, Asher became trapped in a storm drain and swept under the neighborhood streets, ending up in a drainage ditch. Doctors were able to restore a heartbeat, Sullivan said, but the boy’s brain was irreparably damaged by lack of oxygen.

Sullivan, director of the Rutherford County School District, held out hope for several days and asked for prayers for a miracle. So many supporters called and visited Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville that he had to ask them to stop, saying they had “put a strain on operations.” Still, thousands of people responded and shared his posts on social media.

The class went on a field trip the day of the accident, wrote Amber Warden Peneguy, noting that “Asher had a great time. We laughed at his bowling skills. “He definitely figured out how to use the bumpers to his advantage!”

On Saturday, Sullivan wrote that Asher had been officially declared deceased, although the family decided to keep him on life support a little longer so his organs could be donated.

“Asher gave away organ donations to four other people so he can live in them,” Sullivan posted Monday night. “I will live my life to honor his spirit and make sure he is never forgotten.”