These Illinois Cities Will Pay You Thousands of Dollars to Move There

Moving to Illinois doesn’t have to be expensive.

Moving can be expensive. Not only are you going to pay the rent or mortgage for a new place, but you’ll also have to pay for trucks, help, and all sorts of things to get there. It’s even more expensive to move to a big city, but it seems like small communities may be the way to go if you want to save money.

Communities love it when you move. It can help the local economy and the environment in general.

MakeMyMove says 2 communities in Illinois are offering thousands of dollars worth of incentives for you to move there. Some Iowa communities are doing the same.

Where to go in Illinois

City of Pittsfield

City of Pittsfield

That is in Pittsfield, Illinois. It is a city of approximately 4,500 people near the Illinois-Missouri border. That city is offering $6,800 in incentives if you move there.

  • $5,000 cash for relocation
  • 3 months free high-speed Internet, phone and TV package
  • 3 months free water and sewer services
  • King Park Pool Family Pass
  • Free 6-Month Identity Theft Insurance from Farmers State Bank
  • 1-Year Membership to Access Illinois Outdoors
  • Disc Golf Starter Kit to Try Pittsfield Courses
  • Free home inspection with the purchase of a home from PCRE Real Estate & Auction Inc.

There’s also a network of new Pittsfield neighbors and a welcome basket. Then you would be very welcome there.

The Jacksonville region

Business View Magazine

Business View Magazine

The Jacksonville region offers up to $9,300 in incentives for you to move there. That includes:

  • $5,000 cash for relocation
  • $300 in “Chamber Checks”
  • Personal tour of Jacksonville schools by the superintendent and real estate consultation with the Yates team at The Real Estate Group, Inc.
  • Complimentary checking account with Heartland Bank and Trust Company
  • 3 months of fiber broadband service
  • Teeth whitening package
  • 1-year driving range pass and golf benefits
  • gym membership at Fitness World Health Club
  • A family season pass to Jacksonville Speedway

Jacksonville also offers free dinners, special activity sessions, and a welcome basket for new residents. The city is about 35 miles west of Springfield and has a population of approximately 42,000.

You can get more details on move-in incentives for both cities here.

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